Im not what I seem
Terese Fredenwall
Breaking The Silence
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I was listening to this song when I suddenly realised that it’s perfect for The Big Four and I just NEED to see a video of it. Would anyone be up for it?

It’s your life, it’s your moment
And they’re holding their breath cause tonight
It’s your time to step into the light
They have kept you for years now
And they’ve told you how you should behave
Now it’s you and your own ways

Breaking the silence, break the chains
Welcome to freedom, to a new day
Where all of the teardrops turn to gold
You’re gonna be all right, so let go

Don’t look down on your feet dear
Don’t start pulling your shirt when you know
It’s your life and it’s beautiful
Who said perfect is pretty?
Who said you’re the mistakes you have made?
Lift your eyes and stand up straight
‘Cause you have no idea how strong you are